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Fun to Cook “World’s Best Food” (2018)
Film Trailer
Fun to Cook “World’s Best Food” is an experimental film that explores extraterrestrial cuisine. It investigates qualities of Otherness in relation with how humans connect with food. Cooking is not only a method of survival but it contains and reveals mankind’s identity through culture and history. The film uses various techniques such as, mold casting, compositing, live action, and 3D animation.

Film Screening 

2020 Brooklyn ScFi Film Festival, NY, USA (Finalist)

2020 Concordia Film Festival, Montreal, Canada (Winner: Grand Prix)

2020 Larissa International Film Festival, Larissa, Greece

2019 Southern Screen Festival, Lafayette, LA, USA

2019 Milano Film Festival, Milan, Italy

2019 Portland Unknown Film Festival, OR, USA

2019 Tacoma Film Festival, WA, USA

2019 Cefalù Film Festival, Cefalù, Italy

2019 Animafest Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

2019 Athens Animfest, Athens, Greece

2019 Oxford Film Festival, MS, USA (Winner: Jury Award)

2019 Alternative Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

2019 Independent Talents International Film Festival, IN, USA

2018 ROMA Cinema doc, Rome, Italy

2018 Anim8 Student Film Festival, IL, USA (Winner: Merit Award)

2018 Spark Animation, Vancouver, Canada

2018 Cinematic Panic, Memphis, TN, USA



 I brought the idea from TV cooking shows


Language Research & Script

Akkadian language is an extinct East Semitic language that was spoken in ancient Mesopotamia

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 1.30.19 AM.png

Background Section

Food and cooking imply a lot of human characteristics


Concept Design

Production details about using VFX and grey shadow path



Production details about using VFX and grey shadow path




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