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This is a TV show. It seems like a common, ubiquitous cooking show.

However, this television show is made by extraterrestrials. What I mean by this, the show is not the Television Program in the human world. It exists somewhere out of this planet. Audiences could not recognize where this show comes from because all the speeches(language) in the show are the alien language: English subtitles are added.

I designed alien’s cooking show reflects humans. food and cooking have a lot of implications for human characteristics which are diversity, but those are critical aspects of human beings.

This is a creep film has barbarous images that are a form of black humor. The alien figure has a ton of ideas from extinct aboriginal tribes by genocide. It implicates meanings of hidden sides of human characters. The language is also from the human world, but sound like alien speech because it is the extinct language.

First of all, I chose the fried chicken as a metaphor for the blind side of human history due to the meaning of soul food by African Americans.

The chef introduces ingredients for the cooking. She shows a head which looks an unknown creature in their world. She cuts an ear out and uses it as the main cooking material. She says "it is the part that we didn’t use for cooking in the past because it has only small meat and most parts are bones," and then, she shows how to cook with the ear and make it simple and delicious.

After she slices ears, she uses white powder like flour, and the ears are coated in a batter of flour. It makes the ear bigger, and she puts it in boiled oil. The cooking process is quite similar to making the fried chicken.

Finally, she demonstrates to eat her cooking.

She says that “it was the useless part, but that becomes the awesome food. Please cook it yourself with this cheap recipe.”

Overall shots are P.O.V(point of view), but only the last camera shot is her medium shot when she eats the cooking so audiences can see her figure -- it shows she is not the human.

Then, audiences can also recognize the shape of her ear is the same as the cooking material that she cut off the ear from the unknown creature.

Finally, the TV show introduces a trailer for next cooking — also the next food is alien's body.

Sometimes, we need to step back and look at ourselves carefully and have to see the blindsides of us or deep in our minds. Always everything humans did couldn’t be correct because we are humans. Some people deny showing their negative aspects even historians have manipulated the truth for next generations. My intention is simple. We need to look back ourselves with humanity and be aware of the truths in order not to make mistakes again.

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