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  I brought the idea from TV cooking shows. I simply imagined what if extraterrestrials exist somewhere and have been civilized, they might have similar cultures and social structures like mankind have done on the earth. I kept thinking about how they might cook and feed foods themselves if they cook like humans. I assume there are definitely a lot of weird sources and ingredients with meats of unidentified creatures. Furthermore, they might use otherworldly processes for cooking. It may have different cooking utensils, incredible colors, shapes, and unique ways -- uncanny and humorous.

  That is so special if I design the new alien character, environments, and food that we’d never seen before. Most of all, I could use this alien cooking show as a metaphor for human society. I am sure there are numerous implications of human beings because cooking is a fundamental task to do necessarily in life. The cooking comes with particular materials and ingredients from natural sources which are easy to get so that it has distinctive characters of regions. Most objects in the cooking also implicit human cultures have experience.

  It was a motivation that made me start cooking. I was the guy who easily bought ready-made foods at the mart or waiting for mom’s cooking by urging my mom. Since I’ve lived alone, I started cooking and learned myself in order to solve my hunger and make a better quality of meals. It was inevitable for surviving. The instinct of survival would be raw and animalistic. I feel like I put myself into the more primitive, self-initiative life. Thus, I realized some parts of cooking truly reflect the natural human instinct. Entirely, this theme may be the best source of art.

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