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Time Decomposition


Single Channel Video 2009

     The media is often extremely hypocritical. I tried to break down the culture of hypocrisy which has been created in the media by flipping over the attributes of the media. First of all, people need to consider whether an absolute truth in the world can exist absolutely. Once an idea gains a foothold, it permeates the entire society and creates limitations.  Albert Einstein posed the question, “why does the Earth orbit the sun?” This is where his theory of relativity came from.  In my view, art also plays a role in bringing us closer to the truth. 


Production Method:

     A man is walking on a bridge at sunset. The sun is in the background, and the man is walking painfully slowly. He moves like he is in slow motion. Meanwhile, a cameraman films him walking. The camera moves as slowly as the man’s pace, and the man seems to have walked until sunset.  After the filming was complete, the video changes speed, making the man appear that he is walking at a normal pace.  In addition, a recorded sound clip of ambient music is slowed down during the second clip, because I was able to easily modify through editing each part of the video and sound clips.  In the video which is sped up, although the man is walking at a normal pace, it seems that the sun in the background is setting very quickly.  The speed of sound is also slowed down. Three different speeds are shown. The video, therefore, shows three different speeds of time—normal, sped up, and slow which co-exist in one shot.  Even though time is linear, my video shows time moving in quite a different fashion. The significant point I am trying to make is that if you focus on the man who is walking, all objects in the frame destroy our notions about time and the video appears to counter the laws of time.

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