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Rise up - YUMDDA


 Music Video 2011

Official Music Video

Album: YUMDDA single 

Director: Dongjun Kim     Producer: Daisik Choi      DI/BA: Sangwoo Lee       Graphic: Dongjun Kim      Lighting: Dongjun Kim   

Cinematographer: Jinyoung Choi


The music video was posted in Creators ( to be seen all over the world.




  1. I used a projector. At that time, it was one of best resources for video artists. I designed this to project the singer’s facial images onto his face. 

  2. I planned the expressiveness of the singer’s reactions between real performances on camera and graphic facial images on his face.

  3. I intended the music video to appear to be one long scene, shot without editing. 

  4. The singer performed gestures by reacting to video images that were projected on his face.

  5. The last scene is the turning point. I intended that audiences be confused when he broke his own face.

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