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Banksy is a criminal, But I am not


Single Channel Video 2012

          Banksy’s art work is fantastic and inspiring.  I can honestly say he is one of my favorite artists. However, one must face an uncomfortable truth: his artwork is a form of vandalism. Therefore, in a way, Banksy has committed many misdemeanors and is somewhat of a criminal! Worse, he commits his crimes habitually. Graffiti is illegal in South Korea if we do so without permission, but there are some areas in South Korea in which it is permitted. I committed acts of vandalism as art in the core of the country: Seoul, the capital of South Korea.


I conducted an art form of vandalism (a.k.a., Graffiti) in the core of city, Seoul, South Korea.


          I stenciled graffiti on the walls that were either symbolic or subversive. I drew graffiti in various places: from the U.S. Army base to the government buildings, and the buildings belonging to major companies regardless of whether or not I was in plain view.  This is considered shocking behavior in Korea, especially since it was done in broad daylight. The video was meant to have a similar impact on people as Banksy’s work. However, I didn’t actually vandalize the city. In fact, it was a complete fraud. The video was manipulated.

I regard this series to be connected to the religious theory of Manicha from the Tibetan religion. People believe that if they put their prayer in Manicha and spin it, Manicha prays for them. How are they able to believe this, and why does it work? The answer is simple: it is part of their belief and customs. 

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