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Single Channel Video 2010

“Crito, we owe a cock to Asclepius. Please, don't forget to pay the debt.”


—Socrates Final Words—

  Asclepius is god of healing and medicine.


     The Greeks of Socrates’s time donated one chicken at the temple of Asclepius when their diseases had been cured.  Socrates’s last words were that pain was cured through death. Human beings are subconsciously aware of their own demise, which they associate with fear. On the other hand, Socrates’s interpretation of death was of the halcyon persuasion.

     This short film shows the meaning of Socrates’s last words and his analysis of death which some people confront either through their conscious or unconscious thoughts.



     The hero in the short film is calmly sleeping, and his alarm clock represents an interruption. The man turns off the alarm clock when it breaks his peace, but it doesn’t stop.  Moreover, it constantly plagues the man. Due to his struggle with the alarm clock, he wakes up in a different place, where he is in the ER awaiting his own impending death. 

     The doctor is trying to save him, and the man in bed looks to be in critical condition. When the alarm clock rings again, the scene is switched from the emergency room to the previous scene.

Finally, after much trial and tribulation, the man can’t stand hearing the irritating alarm; he breaks the alarm clock. Later, he is eventually able to sleep comfortably in his bed. 

     Human life is bound up by time. The alarm clock is an object that represents reality, but also people have probably experienced the urge to turn off the alarm when it disrupts a deep sleep. In the world, people live with objects they must confront, like a shrieking alarm clock. Humanity may not discover a peaceful world; but then again, perhaps this peace is not found in the real world but in fantasy.

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